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09-21-2002, 17:42
I think that unfortunately women seeking information on guns often come to men, probably because they don't know any women who are into guns. Men talk a lot about the best gun, holster, concealment garments, etc. But all of this is from a man's viewpoint. So my question for the women is what different problems do woman face vs men when it comes to carrying. What guns, holster, etc do you favor. Do you vary carry methods for work vs times of casual dress? Especially interested in how many carry off body vs holster. Also holster(s) you find esp suitable for women. What about belts for holsters (men like 1.5" wide or so stiff belt)- this could be tough for women that must dress for work. Shoulder holster used much?Comments on holster specially made for women, such as, those by rosen and kramer. Any good women holster makers, that are especially tuned into needs of women.

09-23-2002, 16:37
Hi...I had some difficulty finding "female specific" holsters. I stuck with some name brands and tried on/test drove over a dozen of them...Galco, Uncle Mike's, Sidearmor, etc. The folks at the gun range were very cool in that they let me try on all the holsters and actually try to draw my weapon as well. The one huge personal safety concern I wanted to address when picking out a holster was that fact that I exercise daily outdoors...so I'm out jogging/blading all alone for hours at a time. A belt-clip holster won't work for this; neither will a shoulder holster. All the "fanny packs" I found were "too bulky" or looked so much like "gun bags" that they looked ridiculous or too obvious on my small frame...and I want faster access to my weapon. I picked up a small Thunderwear holster (off Ebay) for my 26 which fits comfortably under my workout clothes and provides me with instant access. When wearing this type of holster, the gun is sort of positioned to point downward, kind of between your legs...but the way this thing is designed, after a while, you don't really know it is there...I don't even "print" with it. Make no mistake, I was definetely cognizant that there was a 9mm "down there". Also, there are three separate pockets stiched into it so I know my gun won't "grab" onto anything else I'm carrying suck as keys. I know Glocks are very "safe" guns but with all the moving around I'm doing I put a Safe-T Block on mine for added precaution. If I'm ever in danger, it only takes a split second to pop the block out. I've brought along my 26 on all my workouts for 11 months now...never a problem in terms of comfort, concealabilty, or access. When I'm not working out I'm happy with my Galco Summer Comfort holster...its very breathable, light and soft. I've had no luck with any type of "small of back" holser in terms of comfort and concealability. Ditto for ankle holsters. Galco makes handbags that have a special spot for your firearm but my own preference is to keep the weapon "on my person". Regardless of the carry method...I think its very important to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!! Take the holster with you to the range and draw...get so comfortable using it that it becomes second nature. ;a

09-25-2002, 16:01
I have a 26 also. Tried putting it where a Thunderwear would - and it was too obvious.

Use a ladies holster by Rusty Sherrik w/ a 1" gunbelt (also from Rusty) if I can wear a reasonale cover garment and khaki's.

If not - fanny pack or purse from Coronado Leather. My husband has an Anderson Enterprises pack that doesn't look at all like a gun pack, and that has a really fast zipper - but I can't get enough 'stuff' in it.

09-26-2002, 12:54
I wear my 19 slightly forward of my hip IWB. I don't print as easily then because of the hips. I use either a Galco or my Sidearmor depending on clothing.

09-26-2002, 21:25
Mostly I carry in an IWB leather holster I had made for my G26. I carry it at 3 o'clock. When that won't work (pants not loose enough or whatever!) i carry the 26 or 19 OWB using sidearmor kydex (i swear by it... tumble down some stairs and the gun still won't budge! trust me).

When i have very little space to carry one of those two guns, I resort to a keltec P32 with a carry clip on it. You can stick one of those just about anywhere and there are some nice pocket holsters made for those.

Now, where and how YOU (or me or anyone!) carry is somewhat dependent on your build. I'm short and NOT skinny and i have broad shoulders for a girl that hides whatever i might have under my vest or outer shirt pretty well.

About a year ago I posted my review of the IWB leather holster here: http://glocktalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=41189&highlight=holster


09-27-2002, 21:01
I just wanted to offer my two cents about the comment from tollertwins about Anderson Enterprises. I would be very careful if you wanted to order from AE because of the situation I have been through with them for the past 5 months. Basically what happened is that I order a pack and received it but AE double-charged my CC for the pack. AE refused to credit my account for 5 months, but finally did so after I contacted the BBB and threatened AE with a lawsuit.

I just want to let anyone/everyone know that if they may be thinking about buying from or even recommending AE, just what kind of company AE really is.

09-28-2002, 17:01
I carry a G27 every day, usually on a belt with a variety of belt-slide holsters. It depends on what I'm wearing that day as to what holster I use. I also have a couple of IWB holsters that work fairly well, but I prefer the belt carry. And I practice drawing from each of the holsters I use on the range regularly. It don't do you no good if you can't use it effectively.

I buy clothing specifically with carry in mind. Wider belt loops, decent sized belts and lots of jackets, blazers, overshirts and vests. Sometimes you have to make a choice about what is more important to you, fashion or safety. The same reason I like shoes I can move in, or at least kick off quickly.

I try not to carry in a purse, I just personally feel better with the gun actually ON my person, although I did purse carry for years. Now, about the only time I do the purse thing is during those rare formal events where I got to really get foo-fooed up.


10-07-2002, 21:16
I carry a couple of ways. Before I LOST MY BELLYBAND, I used it when I wasn't wearing a jacket. Just strap the gun underneath a blouse and go. Lately I can't find the belly band though, and I'm just so bummed!

I also carry in an IWB at about 2:00 or 4:00 depending on what I'm wearing.

I also carry in a fanny pack a lot.

When I go walking (which is almost every day -- yay for me!) I wear the SmartCarry underneath a big loose t-shirt but OVER my stretchy bike shorts.

It's good to have a number of different carry options.