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04-09-2009, 18:50
Ok i am an idiot when it comes to sharing files between the computers. I just need to know how to do it. I have a wireless router with 2 cpus wired to it and another desktop running wireless. I want to share the printer and music files. All comps are running MS XP Home SP3. Thanks in advance.:wavey:

Big Al 24
04-09-2009, 19:31
To make things easier you may want to (but don't have to ) make sure all of your computers have the same workgroup name and are on the same network. Here is a link that covers changing your workgroup name.

Open "My Computer" OR right click on "Start" and hit explore. Now right click on any folder/drive/printer/cdrom that you want to share (preferably not your whole C: drive) and click "sharing and security". This will allow you to share things on your network. This process should be quite easy but can sometimes be frustrating depending on a few different factors. Here is a guide that can help with this process.

And just so you know, I searched on "sharing files on a home network" and the above link was the second one Google listed.

04-09-2009, 20:02
thanks for the help... google is my new best friend bye bye yahoo.

04-10-2009, 05:33
google FTW