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Young Once
04-09-2009, 21:46
To all users of holographic sights (EOTech, Aimpoint) is it alright to keep the batteries in even if not being used for extended periods? I keep the batteries in my aimpoint, and what I do is turn it on about 10 to 20 mins. once a week when not being used. Is this practice safe? Thanks in advance.

04-10-2009, 02:32
You can leave your aimpoint on for 5 yrs!

Young Once
04-10-2009, 02:41
Yeah, I know, but this seems to be a bit paranoid for me, keeping it on all the time. Which is why I turn it off and turn it on once a week, unless of course i'm going to the range, in which case its on the entire time i'm there.

04-10-2009, 08:53
For Eotechs, make sure the battery you are using does not leak... A buddies Eotech died due to leaky batteries. No problem for the Aimpoints that uses the small 3v lithium battery, haven't heard of them leaking. I didn't bother to turn mine off, its 3 years old and I haven't changed a battery yet.

Young Once
04-10-2009, 20:34
Wow, Sir Cebuboy. That is a long time. Thanks for the advice.