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04-10-2009, 00:54
This little guy started life as a stray in southern Utah. My mom started feeding him, and fell in love. Unfortunately she can't keep a cat in the house because Dad is deathly allergic, and when winter set in she started to worry. I already had two cats, so I figured, What's one more?

He got cat-napped, stuffed in a carrier, taken to the vet, neutered :shocked:, given his shots (I have the records) and schlepped all the way to Vegas, without a mew of complaint. The problem is, he refuses to live with my other cats. Attacks them on sight, like a cat-seeking missile, and it's for real: Blood has been drawn. He a strong, tough street cat, and my pampered little princesses don't stand a chance. This took me completely by surprise, because he had at least one stray-cat friend in Utah; even shared food.

Other than that, though, he's fantastic. Playful, talkative and affectionate. I'm afraid that in his time with me he's been over-served, and has gotten a bit pudgy. :pig: I have him on pudgy-kitty kitty food, now. He likes dangly toys and head scratches. He has perched on my shoulder a couple of times, like a parrot. (Shiver me timbers.) He comes fully equipped, with toys, scratchy stuff, covered litter box and a decent supply of pudgy-kitty food. He's prosperous. Uniformly medium grey in color, about a year and a half, maybe two years old.

Breaks my heart to let him go, but I've tried everything to get him to not try to eat my other cats. He's living in my garage right now, all by himself all day. He's a great little guy and he deserves better.

05-26-2009, 00:00
Try this again. He's lost some weight, and is now svelte and handsome.

05-31-2009, 08:10
Good luck, I am nowhere near there but I wish the best of luck in finding a home for him.