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04-13-2009, 20:22
Cat, does your avatar have a Hemi? That a new go fast patrol car isn't it. been seeing a lot of them rolling down south here.:wow:

04-14-2009, 06:37
Yeah, and we don't see much of them around here. Seems like all agencies around here still use Crown Vic's. I would love to try a Charger. I hear they don't hold up as well as the CV but they sure as hell look better. Our narcotics guys all drive unmarked Chargers but everybody else drives CV here. I also hear the will haul some serious ass !!!

04-14-2009, 09:34
they will go for sure. SO down here is getting them now for use on I-10

04-14-2009, 13:00
I think some agencies are just afraid of change and others are just waiting to see how well they hold up. I know we put 'em through hell sometimes. The CV's hold up fairly good considering the abuse they get. I've always tried to be easy on my car because I've always had a take home car and it had to last about 4 years or so before I got another one. Some people don't care though. I saw one guy get a brand new CV and had to have new tires and brakes at 10,000 miles. The boss almost went ape s**t.

04-14-2009, 16:29
My theory is, if your life depends on it, then you had better take care of it. same for everything I beleive.

04-14-2009, 19:11
Very true !! I take care of everything that's mine. My dept issues HK USP 40's. I don't really care much for HK but I take care of it and keep it clean because my life or the life of someone else may depend on it. I really miss carrying my Glock.

04-14-2009, 19:44
Man, thats got to suck. somebody sold them something that most do not like. If you polled most there, I 'll bet Glock would take the prize as most wanted carry weapon.

04-14-2009, 20:08
Oh yeah. It goes back about three years. The chief then (now retired) liked HK. A few months after they bought and issued HK he retired. Now we're stuck with them. I'm hoping to go to firearms instructor school later on and if I do I'll start pushing to replace them in about five years. We only have one instructor now and we're good friends and he's wanting me to help him out. They paid $853 each for those HK's. They could have bought two Glocks at dept price for that.

04-14-2009, 20:25
hope he got kissed. I can see them for swat or spec op, but not a regular dept issue gun. Glock is the best and is proven everyday.

04-15-2009, 06:46
I've only heard one officer comment on how he liked the HK. Everyone else either comments bad on them or just doesn't say anything at all. Our firearms instructor liked the G23. They wanted the 40 in whatever they bought and he liked the compact size of the G23 for off duty carry. I have a G19 I carry off duty.

04-15-2009, 08:54
some people just need the way cleared to see the light. I'll bet if he used a Glock in comparison or tested against one another, he would chose the Glock. Maybe not the 23, but at least the 22. I am a fan of the 20 (10MM) MYSELF. Love it.

04-15-2009, 12:19
I'm a big fan of the 10mm. My first semi-auto handgun was a S&W 1006. I owned a G20 several years ago but sold it because ammo at that point was kind of hard to find. I do plan on buying another G20 one day.

04-15-2009, 12:54
the 20 is one of my top 3 glocks. other 2 being 23 & 35. that 10mm with tear up some stuff. I am considering buying the 6" hunting barrel for mine.

04-15-2009, 14:52
Right now I own a G19 and G22. I want to buy another G20, a G21 and a G26. I owned a G31 for about 7 years and sold it. Ammo was little high for the 357. That's one bad motor scooter though. I used to work for the sheriff's dept here and we had to supply our own weapons. About half of the deputies here carry the G31. When I went to work for the city they issued me that damn HK 40. I sold the G31 and bought a new G22. I was thinking if this ammo thing got out of hand I would at least have access to 40 ammo through the PD. My first day on the job they issued me my duty ammo plus 200 rounds of target ammo. What ammo do use carry in your G20?

04-15-2009, 19:22
handloads, or golden saber. never had a .357 sig yet, but maybe one day. got a few glocks now and want to add more soon as money comes "save-up" selling an M&P40 to buy me a new glock.

04-16-2009, 07:03
Yeah I've got to save up to buy another one. I bought a new rifle back in November and spent about $1100 on it and really didn't need it. I could have bought 2 glocks for that but I wanted a new rifle then. I bought a Browning X Bolt 308. Have you ever tried the Double Tap ammo in 10mm? I tried some before I sold my G20. It's expensive but it's stout. I shot one of those MP 40's once and I was impressed with it.

04-16-2009, 07:22
I might try some. lot of new kinds of ammo I need to try.

04-16-2009, 14:44
It was the hottest 10mm ammo I've ever shot. They've got a 135 gr Nosler HP that's doin 1600 fps out of a G20. I tried 4 different bullet weights and was impressed. They have a 180 gr Gold Dot right at 1400 fps. I always like the 175 gr Silvertip too.

04-17-2009, 06:58
thats pretty good. I have a .460XVR shooting 2300 w/200gr Hornady, but we are loading some that should be a bit better. Its a cannon.

04-17-2009, 13:43
That sounds like a handful. Gettin hit with that would sure ruin your day.

04-17-2009, 15:21
GunOneDown, I have a Ruger .480, but have not loaded anything for it yet. When I do get around to loading for it I'll pm you and maybe we can get together. Mine wont be that fast, but they are pushing 400gr. Hornadies about 1280 fps at the muzzle. I know for a fact it will not breach the vitals plate in a vest strapped to a pine, but I dont think you would want the softball size indention in your chest!:okie:
I honestly think that the energy behind that round would crush your chest even with armor. And this is also a handfull.

04-17-2009, 20:55
sig, that is an under statement. the 480 is bad. 460 is bad also just a bit faster. can also shoot some 454 that would be awsome as well. all they would make the oh so bad 500 mag wish it had grown up.