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04-26-2009, 02:08
Does you kit do this?

I have an Advantage Arms kit that I have been very happy with – especially with the cost of center fire ammunition getting insane.

My kit occasionally has malfunctions, which at first bothered me, but I came to realize that this was just about the only time I get to unexpectedly practice my clearance drills or procedures. I get a misfire or failure to feed (fat ammo) perhaps 2%-3% of the time, which I pretty much write off as part and parcel of shooting inexpensive rimfire ammunition. The other malfunction I have a little more often is a failure to extract which results in a double feed. I get it at least once every 30-40 rounds – even when the kit is very clean.

When this happens the spent round in the chamber will not reliably extract unless I press my finger down on the outside of the extractor while manually cycling the slide. In other words, it acts as though the extractor is not on the rim good enough or the extractor spring is too weak.

I noticed that when the slide is locked back to the rear, the extractor arm is flush with the slide, but when the slide is forward, even without a round in the chamber, the extractor arm protrudes out from the slide a bit. It is pushed out by the angled slot in the barrel. I am thinking that perhaps this isn’t normal and may be part of my failure to extract problem.

MY QUESTION – Would a few of you fellow AA kit owners take a look at yours and see if you notice the same thing – extractor not flush with slide when the slide closed on an empty chamber. If yours is flush then I may need to send my kit back to AA to have a look at.

Thanks in Advance


04-26-2009, 06:18
Do a search for the AA kit. There was a post a while back about modding the newer mags and there was a member who did something to his extractor, because he had the same problem you have.

04-26-2009, 07:09
I found the thread and sent it to the top in "general glocking" section.

04-26-2009, 11:49
Thanks ViperR,

That is why I love this board. I have a co-worker who recently bought his first Glock. I sent him an e-mail with a number of web links on Glocks. Glock Talk was at the top and I told him that if someone on that board could not answer his question or already answered it, then it probably not be answered.


ken grant
04-26-2009, 14:20
I have 3 AA Kits----19/23, 20/21 and a 1911.
When the slide is closed on all of them the extractor is not flush anymore.
None of mine will extract Federal or Winchester but work great with Mini-Mags and Remington Bulk G.B. although I have a few failures to fire with the Rems , they all extract.
Several times over 1,000's of rds. of Rems I have oversize rds. that chamber really tight but I blame all my failures on the Rems because I get the same thing in other .22's both rifles and pistols including my Ciener Kits for AR's and 1911's.

The Ciener Kits will extract any thing except when you have a failure to fire. Then you have to extract the case yourself.

04-26-2009, 17:00
Thanks Ken,

I can assume then that the extrator not being flush when the slide is in battery is pretty much normal.

ken grant
04-26-2009, 21:01
I can only speak for my 3 kits but have heard others say the same thing about theirs.
There is a thread somewhere that a guy did a little work on his extractor and its groove in the barrel that it fits into so that the extractor is not pushed away from its seat but he said that Federal still did not work well.

04-27-2009, 07:00
The extractor's flush on my L.E. 17-22 AA kit. When I pull the barrel forward (to simulate the cycling of the slide when it's on a frame) the extractor tilts inward slightly. The only time I've seen a problem was with one round that failed to extract, turned out the case was slightly deformed and the extractor stripped the area of the rim where extractor contacts it on the casing and it wouldn't extract.

On a side note, AA specifically says NOT to use Federal ammo in the kit (at least in mine). Perhaps its the ammo itself causing a failure to extract due to casing being made of softer than normal .22 casing metal and the extractor stripping the rim of the casing failing to pull out the spent casing.

Here's what the insert in my kit said about ammo.

Do not use Federal Ammunition or Remington "Thunderbolts"

Federal ammunition will not work in our conversion kits.
Symptoms: failure to feed, stovepipes, mis-fires and light strikes

We strongly recommend Remington "Golden Bullets" as an inexpensive round for everyday practice shooting.
Recommended Brands:
1. CCI Mini Mags
2. Remington "Golden Bullets"
3. Most any other 40 grain "High Velocity ammo.

40 grain solid bullets perform better than Hollow Points

Not recommended: Federal, PMC, or Remington "Thunderbolts"

03-08-2010, 18:23
1.- Does the AA Kit slide has a channel liner for the firing pin assy?
2.- Are there any instruction on how to remove the extractor?

03-08-2010, 18:51
This is the mag mod thread: