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04-30-2009, 13:31
Greetings to all my fellow Glockers. I am new to GT and really enjoy the forums. Been Glocking for a couple of decades now. My first was-is my model 20, then the 21....that turned out to be a mistake. Both use the same size mag's. Mixed up a 10mm mag with a 45 mag. in competition!!! So I sold my 21 to my good friend and got a 29. tossed the second mag in a drawer, I figure after firing ten shots of 10mm concealment in't a question any longer. So all my spare mags for the 10's are hi-caps. I got a great deal on a 24c, but cant use it in IDPA. So I purchased a Mod.35 which is a great shooter. But my son seems to have taking a real liking to it. {The only time I see it anymore is on his hip.} Not to say anything bad about his Witness, but it just isn't a Glock.
I have possibly met some of you out at Renton fish and game shooting IDPA or possibly down at Champion Arms.{I'm there almost every weekend}. We need a GT pin or secret handshake or some way to recognize each other. What do you think? I've got it!!! we could all wear Glock's.....................................................

J. Parker
04-30-2009, 21:50
Welcome to GlockTalk. I like my black Glock baseball cap. Maybe everybody could wear one of those. Hehe. I'm in the central part of the state.

~Once again....WELCOME:cool:

05-01-2009, 00:28