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05-03-2009, 09:20
Ok, No Ford V. Chevy flames etc.

I'm thinking about buying a new truck and I'm thinking about an extended cab Ranger. Anyone own a newer Ranger? Good/bad experiences?

05-03-2009, 11:18
My neighbor bought one 3 years ago and has had a few problems. None that were that expensive though. The company I work for has had several Toyota's that went 300,000 with little to no problems as well.

05-03-2009, 13:36
Ok it's not new but my 97 Ranger is getting almost 30 mpg and no major problems with almost 100,000 miles. I drove to FL and back pulling a u-haul both ways and it was loaded down heavey on the way back with the wife's stuff. No burts at all. So yes Ranger good little truck.

05-03-2009, 13:38
Everybody I now who has owned one has wrecked it.

Apparently they handle like garbage.

05-03-2009, 15:19
The only other thing that would give me pause goes back to the election. I remember watching the non stop political adds and seeing a guy named Gillenwater standing in front of the Ford plant saying that Ford workers were for John Yarmouth. A Liberal Democrat. As a gun rights advocate I have to say I will think twice before I buy another Ford and right now we own two. Not saying I won't buy another one but I can't figure out why Ford would let him do that.

05-03-2009, 18:52
I'd drive the Ranger as well as it's major competitors before committing. The Ranger has only had minor updates over the course of the current model. It's basically the same truck they've been building since 1993. The Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, and Nissan Frontier have all been updated at least once since then.

05-04-2009, 02:17
I had a 92 ranger, 3.0 V6. Got rid of it in 03 with 260,000 plus mileage. The only major problem i ever had with it was the fuel gauge stopped working. $350 for repair. Outside of normal maint. that's all I spent extra. Only reason I got rid of it.... Chevy 1500+woman driver (:tongueout:)+35mph+me at a stoplight=no more roadworthy ranger and a bad back. I loved that truck. I now own an 03 Tacoma. Wish I still had my ranger though.

05-04-2009, 11:47
I had a 2002 4 X 4 with the 4.0 six and it was in the shop more than I had it. It had a driveshaft problem. They replaced the driveshaft 6 times and I traded it right before it went out of warranty. The driveshaft was going out again. I know it was not the shaft itself but the u joints or something.

Nice truck if I could keep it out of the shop long enoungh to drive it.

05-04-2009, 20:39
I have a 2003 Explorer and I love it. Explorer and Rangers share a lot of parts. The newer ones 2002+ have a much better auto transmission.

05-14-2009, 13:15
I owned three Rangers - '83, '91 and '97. All were good trucks and I had over 130k miles on them when I sold them. I graduated to an F-150 because I got too fat to fit into a Ranger anymore. I also had failures of the fuel gauge sending unit...twice on the '97. Overall, I liked them.

05-28-2009, 22:56
I know someone that is selling a Tan 2000 Ford Ranger if you are interested.