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05-04-2009, 18:40
I am in the process of reading a non-fiction book that I am REALLY enjoying. I am really loving the subject matter and have an idea for a novel. I am motivated right now and I have got about half the plot down. I figure my next step will be to get my characters then start "fleshing out" the story, one page at a time. It is going to be a novel based largely in fact with the possibility of a "probably could never happen but still might, maybe, happen". I really don't want to give away the subject matter simply because from what I can tell this is a fairly untapped market.

Any advice or tips?

Sgt. Rambo
05-16-2009, 16:00
Great to hear about the writing bug. My suggestion having finished two novels and am on my third... Outline outline outline. Even if its rough, do an outline and have fun filling in the spaces. With character development, I let me characters develop as they go. I have an idea of age, profession, background but I let them develop and ultimately I let my characters take me to where they want the story to go. (You'll understand once you start writing....lol)
OH.. huge point... use SHOWING as opposed to TELLING...very big difference which I can't teach you here. Two tools.. must have.... "The Novel Writers' Toolkit" by Bob Mayer and "Plot and Structure" by James Scott Bell. Please stop by my website or PM me here. Believe in your writing or no one else will. All the best with it.

Timber Wolf
05-27-2009, 21:37
Find some good books on writing - and read, read, read.