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05-07-2009, 13:38
Hi All..
I was just told by my neighbor that our neighborhood Mountain Lion was in my yard yesterday morning.. Please understand that I live at 9300 feet in the foothills above Denver and we aren't exactly close to each other up here.. I have 8 mountain acres just as an example..
I guess I will have to be sure to have my new (To Me) Dan Wesson 1911 or my Glock 19 along with me when I walk my dogs..
we have it all.. Deer, Elk, Bear, Fox, Coyote, Bob Cat and lots of other critters.. The guy's who worry me most are the Lion's..

05-10-2009, 17:01
Best thing you can do is make a lot of noise as you go along so you don't surprise anything and don't go anywhere at night without a good flashlight and a magnum or shotgun. Try to keep your dogs leashed and close to you because anything that might want to eat a dog won't mess with them as long as they know there's a human close to them.

Edit: I was at Lake San Isabelle near Rye and Colorado City. I was fishing at the lake at night, just about 20yds off to the left of the boat ramp. I was completely quiet and what I thought might be a german shepard walked down the boat ramp and went just to the right of it, under a tree. It started clawing at the ground under the tree, and I knew this was no german shepard. It had no idea I was there because I stayed quiet and it was a little windy. It then started to walk toward me, still not knowing I was there. It got about 25ft from me and I then stood up. It stopped in its tracks. I turned my flashlight on and shined it in its eyes, then slowly moved the light back and forth, left to right, across its eyes. I then directed the light to the ground just in front of it and paused the movement of the light. It stood there for about 10 seconds, then turned around and briskly walked the other way, every few steps turning to make sure I wasn't chasing it. It went back up the boat ramp, the same direction I had to go to get back to my cabin, and I didn't see it again that night. I had let it know I was there, then paused to let it go on its way without thinking I might chase it.

The point is, as long as they know you're there and you don't pose a threat to them, they're not gonna mess with you unless they're diseased, injured, with young, or starving to death.

After that experience frankly I'm more afraid of deer, elk, and bears. Deer and elk because of males in rut, females with young, and bears because they're just bold.

Also, something I didn't know until that experience, the glare from reflected light that comes from most wild predators' eyes is red.

05-24-2009, 18:35
I know from experience that the best way to move about the woods in the back country is to make noise while doing it..
I saw one of our neighborhood bears for the first time this season the other day.. Real a good looking Black Bear just stunning shiny coat and all..
Learned a long time ago to keep a healthy distance from them..
Our times in Alaska we also know to sing while you walk or wear a bell to let the Grizzlies know you are around.. Don't want to surprise one of those boys..
Enjoy the wildlife.. Keep your cool and try to be armed.. In that order..