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05-07-2009, 20:03
4 targets shot around a baracade. Two rounds in each target, mag change, switch sides of baracade, two rounds in each target, mag change, switch sides and two rounds in each baracade. Amazingly we had very few shooters that shot it clean (no misses) this time. Here's how it worked out:

5.162 John Haas
5.123 Jeff Cooke
4.291 Dean Francisco
3.611 Jim Geiger
3.277 Greg Hodges
3.120 Steve Durham
2.958 Richard Wanke
2.890 Leigh Ann Jeter
2.594 Otis Fox
2.052 Butch Harley - most accurate with highest point count
1.769 Tom Spivey

of all of the above, only 3 shooters shot it clean, the rest had mikes. Ooops

Oh well, everyone had fun.

Thanks for showing up fellows. Looking forward to seeing you all again next week.