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05-08-2009, 01:45
Two prostitutes in a van were driving through a small southern town displaying
a sign on the side of their van that read: TWO PROSTITUTES LOOKING FOR WORK.
When pulled over by the local police, they were told that it was illegal to
display such a sign on the side of their vehicle. About that time a van drives
by with the sign JESUS SAVES proudly displayed on its side.

"Well that van had a sign on its side and you didn't stop them", argued one of
the prostitutes to the police officer. "Well that was a religious sign and
that's NOT illegal. You girls get out of town before morning", yelled the

The next morning the same officer spotted the same van with the same two women
in it proudly driving down Main Street. Immediately pulling the van over, he
yelled, "I thought I told you two to get out of town before morning"

"But officer, we are not breaking any law now," said one of the girls. Proudly
displayed on the side of their van was a sign that read, TWO ANGELS LOOKING FOR