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05-14-2009, 01:58
We adopted a young black lab a couple weeks ago (around 1-2 years old) and brought her home to our small farm. While working in the yard last week we let her off her chain and she did very well, she didn't wander off the entire day until I had to go to town, she started to follow me and I told her to go home, well she didn't and when I got home she was gone.

After looking everywhere, calling the pound... we were about to print up some fliers and put them in the neighbors mailboxes and at the store when we got a phone call. Seems our dog had made it to the highway (2 miles away) and was hit by a car, she had had an operation but should be fine.

After hearing that I went straight to the vet to pick up my dog and pay over $600 for her operation, worth $600 but that is a huge chunk of our budget! Well we get her home and needless to say she has not ran off, she seems to be doing well but now that the swelling has gone down she is passing blood in her stool. We cannot afford anymore vet bills so I am very worried about her, she seems to be doing fine just alot more mellow than before but I'm worried about the blood.

Any advise? I thought we were far enough away from the highway to not have to worry about her but obviously I was mistaken and have spent alot of time since teaching her her limits and she is responding well. My main concern right now is her health, I'm not sure if it's the pain meds the Vet put her on that has slowed her down or if it's something else?

05-14-2009, 05:45
good to hear the pup survived.

it's hard to diagnose over the internet when you can't see the animal or get samples in person.

talk to your vet about the bleeding and the meds. this needs to be done. if they want to see the pup, mention money is tight. they should be able to work something out. see your in idaho, do thay have a barter system??? a vet i had in oregon needed various things done on their place to include painting, cleaning, etc...

worse case scenario, there is a vet who rooms this forum (look in this particular one). you could PM him/her directly with your question.

fwiw - my husky retriever mix got hit by a car doing around 20-25mph. happened right in front of me. front quarter bumper hit her as she escaped out of my car and ran across the street to catch squirrels. vet trip noted xrays negative. she was sore for about a week and passed blood till about a day after and cleared up.

much luck and keep us posted.

40 Cal Joe
05-14-2009, 17:05
A call to your vet should be made. Be up front about the money part. My guess is new charges would not be incurred as this would be followup from the surgery already performed. If the Dr missed something they will make it right. I am glad your pup is on the mend. Please keep us posted. And give your pup a pat on the head for us.:winkie:

05-15-2009, 13:14
What was swollen? What sort of surgery? What pain meds?

+1 on calling your vet. Particularly if it's related to the surgery, your vet be able to help for very little additional cost.