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10-01-2002, 18:43
Hello All Wise ones. I just bought a bow and know nothing about it It is a High Country National Champion compound bow.I got it at a great price "Please dont ask how much" I will not hunt with this and dont know why I bought it except I always wanted a bow to play with. First someone told me it was a left hand bow and i am right handed I dont know if this will be a problem or not it has no sights or anything what do i need to have fun with this with very little expense

10-01-2002, 19:28
Well, you need a right handed bow if your right handed. Secondly, I put a retriver reel on mine and bought two muzzy fishing arrows. Next Wait until spawning season for carp and have at it. Other wise if it is a right handed bow, then purchase sight pins of your choice and have some arrows made up for it with target tips for practicing. Next shoot until your arms falls off. If all else fails sell it. Take Care Esox357

10-02-2002, 07:30
Um, yes the left-hand bow could be a problem.

If it is left handed, when the bow is held in front of you (as if you are going to shoot it), the cut out for the arrow rest will be to the right side of the riser (the part your hand holds onto). But for a right handed shooter, you want the cutout to be on the left.

A right handed shooter holds the bow with the left hand, and draws back with the right hand. As you go to release the string (never do this without an arrow), the string and arrow will tend to twist toward the right--into the risor (or into the arrow rest). If it was a left hand bow, and you are are a right hand shooter, the arrow would twist toward the right and there would be nothing there to stop it. Could be dangerous.

10-02-2002, 15:26
Ok a update I took it to work with me and was told it is a right hand bow and I was holding it wrong "Alright stop laughing already" The ledge that holds the arrow is on the left as I hold it out from me although I know this sounds stupid but it really felt better the other way. Anyway I was told I need to get spider wiskers or something like that to make the string quite when firing also need a arrow rest it also has a metal bar that I was told goes between the bow stings to keep it from twisting or something but i need to get bushing for it???????????? any help I would be humbled ,Please all reading and ROFLYAO I am really trying to learn please help a moron learn the correct way. BTW I was told that i overpaid for the bow because it came with nothing on it like sights and such I feel like hmmmmmmmmmm I gave $5.00 total for the whole thing so did I get took????????

10-03-2002, 08:12
Sounds like a job. Sometimes it is easier to just walk into a bow shop and let them set you up.

Here's a couple websites more oriented towards archery:

You wouldn't need to "quiet" the bow just to target shoot it.
There are hundreds of arrow rest designs.
There are lots of options for the type and length of arrow to use to.

10-13-2002, 21:06
Well Deerslayer I did the one thing I didnt mean to do I dry fired it and broke the cable oh stupid me. A friend of mine gave me a set of pin sights and a mech. release and I was pulling it back to see how it felt and ooops those things are touchy and she broke the cable is this a pricy thing to fix???? If not Is this the proper time for a shop to get it set up for me ???

10-14-2002, 00:21
Ouch. The cables aren't too terribly expensive but I might worry about the limbs suffering some damage from the dry-fire. You might want to go to a bow shop to have them set you up and show you how to work everything. You're not going to be able to get the new cables on the bow without a press anyway.

10-14-2002, 05:51
Well I am assuming no limb damage aas the cable is still tight around the cams the peice that broke off is the small metal peice that holds the string so not sure if cable was bad anyway or not but I know I wont do that again

10-17-2002, 15:44
well, looks like you learned lesson #1 pretty quick. lol. now try and get some use out of it. just target practicing is great but if you like will eventually fall in love with bowhunting for whitetails. it is the best. just work on targets for now. you should be able to go to a good sporting goods store and pick up what you need to get started. for less than a couple $100 you can get everything you would need to shoot.

some parts you'll probably need:
arrow rest
(new string :))

that should be about it. i believe you said you had a release and some sight pins. have fun...

10-17-2002, 18:49
I sometimes have to learn things the hard way. I still have to get the cable and string replaced and yes the other things you listed but i have never hunted Deer I know I am the weirdo but I have to clean up approx 100 dead deer a year off the Highways and there's no way I will ever eat one . But I think I might like to shot carp or suckers that sounds like fun