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05-22-2009, 12:33
Hi, all.

I'm going to be at the beach on Edisto Island for a week between June 14 and 20th, maybe the 21st. My dad, brother-in-law and I will all be on this trip, and we're all Masons. We're thinking it would be cool to visit a SC lodge while on the trip, or maybe even GA. I'm going to look around in other places for some work or stated meetings that are being held that week, in the vicinity in which we'll be staying, but, I thought I'd ask here as well.

Anyone on here near Edisto, and if so, do you know of any meetings/work taking place that week? Or, if you are in that area, and you hear of something being scheduled in the near future, would you keep me in mind and let me know?

In the mean time, I'll look around other sites and on Facebook and see if I can find anything going on.