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05-24-2009, 20:29
So I recently setup vmware server 2 on my desktop. I downloaded the x64 bit linux editions (since I was installing on Ubuntu) after failed attempts installing on Vista.

Created a VM after installation and went to install Vista Ultimate x64 on it. That process was started more than three hours ago, and is still in progress! It is currently on the "completing installation page" after the first or second reboot.

I do not recall it taking this long to install last time. Is it taking this long because I am installing on vmware? External drive? What?

05-24-2009, 21:40
Well, I tried to suspend the virtual machine, only to find that it takes forever to suspend. I should have just stopped it.

I deleted the machines files (11.gb worth) off my drive and will start over tomorrow. I think the external drive is the cause of the slow install. I can't think of anything else that may be the culprit.