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05-25-2009, 08:09

I am currently running a main box with Ubuntu 9.04 on it. It works well, and I have decided to add another computer to the mix. It will function solely as an FTP server. I have 9.04 installed on it and I am ready to set up the FTP, however, I have a problem.

The computer is an old thinkpad with a Pentium M in it. Unfortunately the Pentium M is the ONLY Intel processor that does not support PAE. Since I need PAE support to run 9.04 I cannot use it.

Can someone offer me an alternative solution for this problem? PAE support was added with the 2.6 kernal so I guess I can't use anything after that.

I like Debian, so I'd like to stay with that.

Also, if anyone was a random socket 479 processor laying around that is not an M model I'd be willing to purchase it.