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05-25-2009, 13:06
Okay I give up so let me know what to try. This issue began 2 weeks ago and just annoys me to death. When I get a new email in and read it at some point I assume when a sync or auto refresh happens it auto puts that mail and any read email from the inbox into deleted items folder. No rules, nothing in junk mail.

I have deleleted the email profile and rebuilt it. It only is affecting any email after 5/8/2009 anthing from that date and older is unaffected. As in it remains in the inbox. I went on vacation and when I cam back the issue had begun.

No malware or viruses have been found.

05-25-2009, 15:53
I would look at your autoarchive settings under: Tools>Options>Other>AutoArchive. What settings do you have there?

Sgt. Schultz
05-25-2009, 16:02
There are settings for what Outlook is to do with read e-mail, while in your inbox look under View - Current View also check out the auto archive settings.