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06-01-2009, 13:47
Anybody have any info on duck & goose hunting in N. or S. Dakota for non-residents? My 3 hunting partners and I (all DU members) are considering a duck hunting trip this fall.

Seasons (not only dates it's open, but best time to go... early, late, or doesn't it matter?)

Licenses (over the counter? State stamps? How much?)


Good areas, with hunting access?

Are there motels that allow dogs (chocolate Labs) in the rooms? Or any good places for a 24' camping trailer?

Are boats needed for putting out, taking in decoys, or just waders?

How many decoys do you need? (we've got hundreds, both field & floaters).

Are motorized decoys legal?

Any geese? (we "specialize" in geese... got 72 field decoys, lay-out blinds, and 2 dozen floaters).

Any info will be appreciated.... especially links to any informative websites.

DJ Niner
06-02-2009, 00:10
Much ND info here:

If fall, early is probably better weather-wise, but the weather is what pushes them through so if the weather is TOO nice or TOO cold up north early, you might have slim picken's. Should be plenty of room, G&F is always complaining that they don't have enough hunters chasing the geese.

Sorry I'm not more help; not into the birdy stuff.

06-02-2009, 03:10
I'd say DU could probably answer a lot of your questions maybe get you in touch w/ some DU reps in the Dakotas to get some local info. Maybe even set you up w/ some hunting spots. Also I'd get w/ Dakota fish & game about state land open to hunt & camp/RV.