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06-10-2009, 21:56
Where: Caswell County NC

When: 11-12 July 09

Cost: $175 per student with a minimum count of five, and a maximum count of twelve

Class Information:

The I.M.T. LLC Combat Focused Pistol Class in a fundamental foundation of pistol instruction. This course will enhance any level of shooter that wants to engage a target using a pistol with speed and accuracy. This is a great class for the CCW owner that wants to push his/her ability to a new level of pistol usage.

This class is the standard class that I.M.T. LLC. has been teaching at the Ft Benning Pistol and Rifle Club for over ten years to members of the club and select FORSCOM and TRADOC U.S. Military units. The core curriculum of the I.M.T. LLC Combat Focused Pistol Class is sound real life training that will bring you home after using a pistol in a firefight.

500rnds max round count.

For more information please contact John Boyette by e-mail @ or Ross at 256-473-1968


06-16-2009, 21:22

People are starting to sign up, if you are interested in this, or any other class we hold. Let me know and I will do my best to fill your training needs.