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Tennessee Slim
06-12-2009, 14:26
Can anyone recommend an instructor in BNAshville or vicinity for basic handgun marksmanship?

Calling around, I find both Gun City ( and On Target ( have someone on staff who teaches basic marksmanship. At Gun City it's Charlie and at On-Target it's Deidra. Does anyone know either of these by reputation?

Is there anyone else you'd recommend?

The Rabbi
07-06-2009, 21:04
I dont know either of these.
It will depend on what you want. But the best instructor I've ever had was John R. Wall at Eastside Gun Shop. Now, I am biased.
But I'll also say that PRI in Bucksnort is also a good school.

08-01-2009, 09:34
Gun n Leather in Greenbriar is great. It was a little drive from Nashville but couldnt be the price & class was great.