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06-14-2009, 16:50
anyone know of a local place with decent price on tfo's for a g23?....i would rather buy locally if i could but looks like internet prices of $80-$90 shipped may be tough to beat....

06-15-2009, 18:11
Where is "locally"? If that is the Mesa area, Glockmeister and Caswells are on Stapely just south of 60

06-15-2009, 19:36
anywhere around phx.......any idea what kind of price and in stock or not....caswells always seems a bit high and service sucks

06-16-2009, 20:26
Are any of these what you are after? (I am not sure what tfo is?) they are a couple of blocks up from Caswells

06-16-2009, 23:09
yep...thank you...price is about $17.00 high (which amounts to about a 20% difference)......i would rather support a local business and not feel like i am being screwed in the process

06-27-2009, 13:15
Glockmeister is a local business, they are just south of 60 in the same neighborhood as Caswels

06-27-2009, 14:00
thank you....i know that but their price is high....any idea if the in-store prices are less than their internet prices?

06-28-2009, 13:36
I'm not sure, I have only been there once. I bough a G 18 mag and i think it was $5 more than what Caswel's was selling them for ($45 vs. $40) so i think all you would save would be the shipping costs.

06-28-2009, 14:31
thank you....shipping costs are usually cheaper than sales tax in this state....i'll just give them a call