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06-16-2009, 10:57
Thanks to all who sent prayers and good wishes. I broke jail (hospital) Sunday before last I've been on high dose blood thinners since the embolus in October. What showed as a blockage this time that they thought was a clog from fat was actually another embolus. Somehow it had not dissolved after all this time, and part had broke loose and caused a mini stroke. Healthcare here really stinks. I put back up a couple of the items I will not be using. I will be going back as a reserve, for the insurance, the wife didn't know I would be covered under the policy (up north not SC). It will be strictly desk and directing traffic & the drunk wagon. No patrol. Private insurance would cost over 10K a year.

Again thanks to all of you.

Chris aka MagicmanMB.

Also someone hijacked my account here and on Paypal I haven't paid anyone with paypal since Feb. 09. If you made or received a payment after 2/01/09 from me I didn't get it or purchase I have had to sue Paypal to get them to close my account permanently. We know who stole our Identities the wifes ex. Just can't prove it.

06-17-2009, 07:48
I did not know you were sick glad your feeling better take care,God Bless. Ronnie:wavey: