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06-17-2009, 02:13
Well ive been reading through this section of the board and was really impressed by the extent of those serving so I figured Id as a few questions. Everyday Ive have been contemplating more and more about pplying for OTS with the Air Force. My primary focus thus far has been looking at AFOSI since it is with out a doubt the most appealing to me. Given my what would be post military career ambitions it would be the most beneficial. Im currently working the application process for a few federal LEO jobs (FBI, USSS,FAM etc) so im keeping my fingers crossed but competition is so high its really tough to break into with no substantial work experience. All in all though I think it would be more fullfilling to serve for however long and transfer back into civilian life If I choose not to make a career out of it.

As for education goes I finished college last spring with a Bachelors, so atleast I have that. I would have went on for my masters but the money jus wasnt there and the loans are bad enough haha. My Father is a retired SA of the FBI so Ive wanted to go into that career since I was a little kid. I want to retire as a Special Agent with the FBI and I think military service would be the best way to make that happen.

Im considering myself a newbie as far as applying for OTS as well as OSI so any information you guys have Im interested to hear it. Who to talk to what to study in terms of the ASVAB and AFOQT. I noticed In the other thread there was alot of concern over what was in and what wasnt in a contract. what specifically should I be concerned with in that area if I make it that Far?? OSI would be my primary goal but If that is a career path I have to work into thats fine. Intelligence or Security would also be of high interest to me.

My biggest concern at the moment is the fitness requirements, I slacked off way to much in college and have been busting my a** to get back where I was when I graduated highschool but I still have a long way to go but Im working on it. I also joined www.airforceots.com (http://www.airforceots.com) so spending my hours reviewing the information there should be helpful. Thanks again guys and sorry for the simplistic questions.

06-19-2009, 10:47
First off, it's great that you are looking into joining the Air Force. I was never part of the OSI, but I did know plenty of folks who transitioned in OSI from different career fields. Let me just say that you seem like someone who is very interested, and determined to join the field and I congratulate you on that. I have recently separated from the AF myself and those years are probably going to be the most memorable! I would highly suggest you decide on what avenue you want to go into...do you want to be a civilian, enlisted, or officer agent? Check out this link OSI Website Applications (http://www.osi.andrews.af.mil/questions/topic.asp?id=1142) if you haven't already for more info.

From my experience, most of the people I know crosstrained into OSI and the process was not much different (though more stringent) than normal crosstraining procedures. The most important thing, since I see that you are not currently in the military, is that you have a clean record. I've seem folks that seemed like the most squeaky clean applicants in the world get hit with something from their past. These are people that I felt were qualified as hell, people that I vouched for when they interviewed me (since they do interview your references) and yet his/her past was enough to make them say the big NO.

I've taken the ASVAB and the AFOQT and let me say that if you have already graduated from university, you should definitely have no problem with the ASVAB...we are talking low high school level. As for AFOQT, besides the navigator/pilot questions you may encounter, the other questions felt just like SAT for me...not impossible.

If I may give a suggestion, please DO NOT consider going into another career field thinking that you can just jump into OSI. I've seen too many younger folks sign in thinking they can crosstrain into another career field when they attend technical training. You signed on the doted line for that career field, live with it for 3-5 years depending on whether you signed for 4-6 years. Officers are a different story, if you think you have what it takes to go through OTS, go for it! I was enlisted so maybe someone else in the board can give a little info on the officer side. Like I said, for enlisted, most folks are already NCOs with 4+ years in the service before they transition into the OSI field.

Check out that link I gave you and check out the OSI website, they have a TON of info!

Go Air Force!

06-19-2009, 14:08
Thanks for the info. If I pursue it further Ill go the Officer route. As a for my criminal record its spotless. Ive had 1 speeding ticket when I was 17 I think and maybe a detention or two in highschool. not that that equates to much.

06-19-2009, 15:30
I went through OTS and knew of one guy who was prior enlisted OSI. He went on to become an OSI officer. From what I hear, it's rather difficult to get into. Most criminal justice degrees get you into security forces. Either way, good luck.

06-19-2009, 16:14
IIRC, most AFOSI officers I knew transitioned into AFOSI from Security Forces (formerly known as Security Police). The only AFOSI folks I ever heard of going directly (as officers) into OSI were enlisted AFOSI agents that then went to OTS.

If you do go the OTS route as a Security Forces guy hoping to get into AFOSI, plan on doing at least a couple of tours to Iraq or A"stan paying some dues before cross-training.

Good luck

06-19-2009, 16:22
What he said.

I've known half a dozen OSI agents, none of them came straight in as officers. Since their "rank" is "masked" (they are Special Agents....they have no rank to the rest of the world) I never knew which ones were O's or E's, but by the way they talked/acted most were prior enlisted.

If you come in as SF.... being an SF officer except in the 820th/786th or CRG groups, you're primarily administration.

06-20-2009, 07:13
Just a suggestion but along with both enlisted and officer positions OSI also has some civillian positions. You might have a "slightly" better chance of considering all three.although prior investigative experience would help. I had some civillian OSI guys with me when I deployed overseas they were all GS 12's. in all my time in active duty AF I have never seen anyone come straight in as an enlisted spot. I believe SSGT (E5) is the minumum entry grade.

OSI has very limited positions and there is a LOT of competition for those slots. when I say competition I don't just mean 100 applicants for one slot I mean out of thouse 100 applicants 70% of them have some typ of criminal investigative experence (former fed LE local detective etc). By all means go for it but the FBI and other federal agencies have 20 times the open positions that OSI has and are more likly to take someone with collage and an eagerness to learn. Good luck!

07-05-2009, 21:24
My first agency was OSI.

Let me clear up some things.

While rare, it is possible to OSI as a first assignment as a newly commissioned 2LT. The majority of new LTs going into OSI come from AFROTC and USAFA, but they also take new LTs out of the OTS pipeline. When I went to FLETC for OSI we had one new LT each from USAFA, AFROTC, and OTS. None were prior enlisted agents. Prior time as an enlisted agent is NOT required to get into OSI through OTS, or the other commissioning sources.

The minimum grade for entry into OSI as an enlisted agent is Senior Airman, although it's rare for someone to get it at that paygrade, but we did have one in my class at FLETC.

Further, it is a myth that the majority of Officer agents (or enlisted agents for that matter) come from Security Forces. OSI seeks a diverse set of backgrounds for it's agents, and Security Forces does not give an applicant an advantage. In fact, since SF is perpetually undermanned, it can sometimes be harder to crosstrain out of SF.

As to the issue of going in as a military agent or a civilian agent (with OSI or any other agency) I'd suggest you read this post. The numbers have changed slightly due to pay increases over the last 5 years, but the concept is the same:

Keep in mind when reading that link the journeyman paygrade for OSI is GS-12, but it's not difficult to get a GS-13 slot. Regardless, even if you run the numbers for GS-12 v. what the officer agents make, the civilian pay and benefits are much better.

Be careful who you get advice from on the subject of OSI. There are tons of people who claim to know lots about OSI, but unless you're talking to someone that recently was, or better yet currently is, an OSI agent consider the info you are getting EXTREMELY suspect. For some reason people like to pretend they know all about OSI, when they are merely repeating myths, rumors, and flat out BS.

Caveat Emptor

07-08-2009, 19:00
My information is a "bit" out of date. After a four year break in service, I went back into the Air Force. I had some APR's (now EPR's) that needed to come out of my records (long story, but an E-7 lost some rank over them). They were from my first enlistment. I had to go through the AFOSI to get the investigation results (lots of blacked out sections with notations pertaining as to why they were not visable). During the process the SA asked me to apply. I was an E-4 (SrA) in an electronics career field. They had a need for technical agents. I was interested until the TDY commitment was discussed. TDY over a large geographic area, away from home 75% of the time. With a year old baby at home it didn't seem like a good fit.

08-03-2009, 23:40
First of all, I am currently serving in Security Forces. I may not know a whole lot about OSI but what I do know is that you do not want to go into SF. I have been in a little over two years and have already deployed twice to the middle east. Luckily I decided to only enlist for four years which moves my eligible retrain date two years earlier if I enlisted for six years. SF is constantly on and off of the critically manned list and makes it near impossible to get an approval to leave this field. Also what kind of degree do you have? I have a friend that tried to become an officer after completing his bachelor's and the recruiter basically snubbed him because it wasn't a technical degree. It would truly be a waste to joined enlisted with a bachelor's degree. You also spoke of the loans. This could also become an issue when obtaining a high enough security clearance. As a SF member I have heard of many comrades not obtaining a high enough security clearance simply because of their past debts. The upside of OSI is that you do attend FLETC which is the same school FBI and their counterparts attend.

08-05-2009, 22:33
The upside of OSI is that you do attend FLETC which is the same school FBI and their counterparts attend.That is not correct. The Federal Law Enforcement Center (FLETC) has multiple training programs at a variety of locations, but the one in Glynco, GA (near Brunswick) is the main one. The FBI does NOT use FLETC for training. The FBI has their own training academy at Quantico. The DEA also has their own academy, and while it's also located at Quantico it is separate from the FBI academy. The US Postal Inspectors have their own academy in Maryland. Many other agencies use the FLETC Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP) as a basic academy, and then have their own agency specific program, which may or may not be at FLETC. For example OSI agents attend CITP, then the attend the OSI academy which is also at FLETC. The US Secret Service sends their agents to CITP, but then their agency specific training is in Beltsville Maryland. Other agencies that use CITP as their basic academy include ICE, ATF, IRS-CID, EPA-CID, etc, etc.

08-07-2009, 16:03
I was gonna say the Bureau has their own show. As for the degree mine is non-technical which I can see as being a hinderance in the long run but maybe maybe not. As for debts their not that severe compared to what some people I know have racked up, mine are roughly +- 30k but my credit report and score are excellent.

08-09-2009, 12:32
. . . the Bureau . . . The Bureau? Which Bureau? Did you mean the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives? How about one of the more obscure Bureaus, like the Bureau of Industry and Security, Office of Export Enforcement, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Bureau of Indian Affairs Division of Law Enforcement, or the Bureau of Land Management. All are Bureaus, all have a law enforcement mission. Most hire GS-1811 Criminal Investigators (aka Special Agents).

My point? Don't be that guy who refers to the FBI as the "The Bureau" or the Secret Service as "The Service."

08-10-2009, 21:49
Well I have family in the FBI and my father is Ret. Special Agent of the FBI of 32 yrs so I will refer to them as the Bureau. And given the context of my above response that was apparent.

08-11-2009, 07:58
Well I have family in the FBI and my father is Ret. Special Agent of the FBI of 32 yrs so I will refer to them as the Bureau. And given the context of my above response that was apparent.Do what you want, but when many others in LE hear someone referring to the FBI as "The Bureau," they will most likely assume the person saying it is a pompous jerk.