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The Curmudgeon
06-20-2009, 09:39
Might be a little bit of a trip for SW Vitginia residents, but I thought I would get the word out anyway...

It will be held at Kiwanis Park, 801 W. Market Street on the Fourth of July.

Here are some details I received in an email:

This 4th of July is "We The People" Reclaiming Our Independence. This is a National Tea Party Day.

This excellent location for us to get our message out to the general public!

Here is a brief overview of the event so far, we will update the home page as we add to our event.

1. This is going to be an all day Family minded event so people can come and go as the holiday requires.

2. Several local bands will be performing live music through out the day.

3. Constitutional / Educational speakers through out the day.

4. Families and friends can enjoy filled activities like, softball, volleyball and horseshoes.

5. You can cookout with your family and friends or bring your own picnic, we will not be providing any food or drinks.

6. No Alcohol or Fireworks are allowed at the park or at this event.

7. We have acquired the whole park for the entire day, we encourage everyone to stay and watch the Johnson City Fireworks.

Spread the word! Stand Up For Our FREEDOM!