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06-20-2009, 19:02
I'm looking for the old style leg hold traps. The ones that actually have "teeth" on the jaws. Something smaller around the 4-6" range. Before anyone gets their panties into a wad, I'm getting this as "decor", so I don't plan on actually using it. I still want the real deal though.

06-20-2009, 19:08
Actually, I've been looking for them as well for Zombies, but realized that their legs would just tear off and they'd just spin around.

06-20-2009, 21:54
try ebay or flemings


And you do know these are illegal for use in the state of Florida?

06-20-2009, 22:05
I was thinking about ebay, but want something thats decent quality. Maybe if I can find some older ones in good shape that'd work. Yes, I know that they're illegal in FL. Thats one reason why I said that I don't plan on using it. I still want it to be functional though. If I was just looking for one to use, there's alot of them out there. I just haven't seen many of the old style

06-28-2009, 10:00
Isn't the use of these against the law in most states? It is in Indiana.

06-29-2009, 10:15
Isn't the use of these against the law in most states? It is in Indiana.

Re-read the post in this thread

07-04-2009, 20:30
I don't think they have been made for many years. I used them back in my trapping days in the 1970s. We used them mostly for beaver, then moved on to conibear type traps for most sets. I think Oneida(Victor?) was one of the last to make a leghold trap with teeth.

07-04-2009, 21:30
Thanks sourdough. I'm going to try a google search on them and see what comes up. Again, I don't plan on actually using this. I'm just the type of person that doesn't want something just to look at. I want it to be as functional as the orginal as much as possible. Thats why if I ever got an old wall hanger BP I'd still get one that could shoot, even if I only fired it once just to say that I did.