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07-03-2009, 20:54

ACLU files suit over gun rights (

A New Orleans man is suing the city and its district attorney for refusing to give back a gun that police seized when he was arrested on drug and firearms charges.

The American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday filed the federal suit on behalf of Errol Houston Jr., who was arrested last year following a traffic stop.

The suit says the district attorney's office declined to prosecute Houston but has refused to return his .40 caliber firearm.

Houston claims Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro has instituted a policy that firearms seized during arrests will not be returned to their owners.

The ACLU says that policy violates Houston's constitutional rights.

Cannizzaro says his office decides on a "case by case basis'' whether to return confiscated guns.

07-06-2009, 16:14
If the guy wasn't a criminal, the ACLU wouldn't care whether or not he got his gun back.

07-18-2009, 18:56
This is very incomplete and misleading.
First, Leon Cannizzaro is a respected judge who voluntarily relinquished his judgeship so that we could have a D.A. that all local factions could trust. He is a "straight-arrow" as they come here in Chocolate City. White hat on white horse!
Second, the perp was busted with a bunch of illegal controlled substances but couldn't be prosecuted because of a technicality.
Third, the "policy" of not returning handguns was the NOPD, from a previous chief, and not from the D.A.
Please, we have plenty, plenty BG's here and the D.A. isn't one of them.
Our mayor is a notorious AH, who forcibly disarmed honest citizens during the post-Katrina floods and who has acted the fool ever since. Luckily, his term is about up.
It is the mayor and the NOPD who need "correction", not our D.A.
New Orleans, Occupied Louisiana