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07-05-2009, 19:18
I did my usual hit and run at the WM on 45th Street as I work right down the street. I usually walk down the isle, heart pounding, this could be the day I find some treasue and IT WAS:wow:

I couldnt believe it, the case was packed w/everything but 9MM and .45 :tongueout:

They had 20 boxes of the UMC 250 rd value packs, YES 20 OF THE BIG YELLOW BOXES .. then they has about a dozen boxes of .25, .38 and .380 as well as a lg amt of .357 SIG.. Also enough .223 and 7.62 M to start a war.

I of course had to hunt down some help to open the case and after 15 minutes a usual 3 rd grade flunky showed up and was clueless but I got my haul, and at only $67 p/box. Gander has it for $129..:upeyes:

The clerk was really busting on me about why I was getting so much, why do I need it, and I quote.."you must live in the ghetto" :faint:to need this much "stuff" I really wanted to call the Manager but was pressed for time. Oh well

anyway go get it...