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07-05-2009, 19:26
I have went through the batf site and nra and I can't find the specific laws regarding selling a firearm in KY (privatley)

I am wanting to sell a G19 locally and want to make sure I follow the law, and I live in an area where it will be advertised in KY,OH,and WV

can anyone help me with the specifics of selling a handgun in KY????


07-05-2009, 21:02
You can sell it like any other personal property. You can sell to another KY resident only in a FTF. Federal law only allows handgun sales to other residents of the same state by non FFL. Any thing that crosses a state line requires an FFL to recieve gun and do the 4473 stuff
The buyer must be 21 or older to buy and not a prohibited person(felon,declared mental by judge,etc.)

A signed reciept is a good idea as well.
There may be more that I missed and I am sure it will be pointed out.


chris in va
07-06-2009, 00:40
I like to ask if they have a CC permit as well in addition to their DL.

Don't do the transaction at your house or theirs. Go to a fairly public place, like a parking lot.

07-06-2009, 16:07
thanks guys....that helps a lot

07-06-2009, 21:37
Its 18 in state for handgun and longgun sales. It is 21 from a dealer only

07-08-2009, 20:50
Its 18 in state for handgun and longgun sales. It is 21 from a dealer only

I stand corrected.