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07-14-2009, 06:24

I was wondering of any of you could reccomend a "frontsight" type course a little closer to home. I have my CC and have had it for over 10 years. I would like to be able to shoot better, and learn some of the defensive type things they teach in the frontsight course.

Anybody know of that type of thing around Virginia that they have taken or heard good things about?



07-14-2009, 10:58
Pat Goodale offers excellent courses near Lewisburg, WV. Check out www.pgpft.com

07-14-2009, 14:14
We teach the new NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course at the Arlington Fairfax IWLA.


NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home Course

The NRA Basic Personal Protection series is based on the building block approach. The first course in the series is the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course. The second course is NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home. The third course is NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home, which builds on the skills already learned in the Basic Pistol Shooting Course.

NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home participants must have completed both the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting and Basic Personal Protection In the Home courses to be eligible to attend.

Course Goal: To develop in the students the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontations and for the safe, effective, and responsible use of a concealed handgun for self-defense outside the home.

Course Lessons

Lesson I Introduction to Concealed Carry Safety and the Defensive Mindset

Lesson II Introduction to Self Defense and Concealed Carry

Lesson III Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry and Self Defense*

*Conducted by an Attorney licensed to practice law within the Commonwealth of Virginia, or an individual certified to instruct in this area of the law.

Lesson IV Carry Modes and Concealment

Lesson V Presenting the Handgun from Concealment

Lesson VI Presentation, Position, and Movement**

Lesson VII Special Shooting Techniques**

**Lessons VI and VII comprise an "Advanced" section of the course and are optional.

They require additional time on a another day and may be offered based on demand and the availability of appropriate range facilities.

Lesson VIII Sport Shooting Activities and Training Opportunities

Lesson IX Course Review and Examination

***Participants in the NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home course will be required to use their own personal protection handgun and supply ammunition adequate for the requirements of the course. A strong side hip holster, magazine pouches, and additional magazines or speed loaders specific to the handgun being used in the course are also required. An mandatory Equipment Assessment session will be held several days prior to the course to ensure that all participants possess gear that is appropriate and adequate for participation in the course.***

07-14-2009, 20:45
Silver Eagle Group in Loudan I believe offers defensive shooting classes

07-17-2009, 00:33
I have an intermediate level defensive handgun course coming up on September 25, 26, and 27, near Lexington, Va.