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07-20-2009, 17:28
I am a south paw when writing and eating, but I shoot a rifle left handed and shoot a pistol right handed. Anybody else do this? Or am I the weird one out?:freak:

07-21-2009, 17:58
Actually, I write with my right and do most other things, including shooting with my left. But then, I come from an era when teachers had yardsticks and weren't afraid to smack your left hand if you picked up a pencil with it. The only result was really lousy penmanship. Sadly, even today, though they don't use yardsticks anymore, many teachers try to force students to use their right hand when they are natually lefthanded.

07-22-2009, 06:43
I'm ambidextrous in most things I do. I think it depends on how I was taught. I agree with Jeepnik that early on everyone tried to make a rightie out of me. My penmanship is equal with either hand (equally bad). But I use multiple computers at work and can use either hand for the different mice - even at the same time.
With a rifle I started out left handed but switched in the military to right because I didn't have an adapter for the shells. With a pistol I still just switch around at the range for practice but most of my holsters are right handed.
Most sports I can switch to either hand, but I'm bummed my first baseball glove was right handed... I should've learned to catch left handed.. As a first baseman.
For tennis I don't need much of a backhand because I can just switch. Even swimming I can switch breathing sides.