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07-24-2009, 21:33
At the jamil temple this weekend. Just in case anybody didn't know.

07-25-2009, 06:05
ill do a drive by around 11:00 if the lines are still long i'll head to wally world

07-25-2009, 16:38
I went today, crowded as expected. Vendors pretty well stocked with everything. WASR's low as $469, Mosins $119. 7.62 x 39 $5.50-7.00 a box individual box price. All the usual stuff including jewelry.

07-27-2009, 16:07
I went on Saturday at about 2 PM and walked right in. No long lines, but it was crowded. Lots of Glocks and AR's, but nothing that struck my fancy. Almost bought a Ruger off a guy in .44 magnum, but $500 was more than I was willing to pay with the cost of ammo being so high. I hit the Georgia Arms stand up for some 9mm, .357 magnum, .45 ACP, and .44 magnum ammo. $200+ later and I was pretty much done. Almost took a few guns with me to trade/sell, but in the end didn't. Now I'm kind of regretting it as the guns that I had were in much better shape than most of the used stuff that I saw. Oh well.... maybe next go around.