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07-28-2009, 22:15
I am ready to put slings on some of my rifles. I have done some searching and so far I have found that everyone recommends a different thing.

S&W M&P15T that is pretty much stock
An AK-47 with an M4 stock and UTG quad rail on the front

Both of these I was looking at tactical slings for. I don't care for one point slings and we use three point slings at work, so I was thinking of trying out a 2 point sling. I like the Vicker's 2 point, but not the price. If there is not a better option for the money, I might suck it up, but I would rather not. Also what mounts for these two rifles would I need, if any?

The other two are an DPMS LR308B and a Ruger M77 243.

I am considering just buying a surplus M1 Garand sling for the 308 and a 12 dollar walmart special for the Ruger. Any suggestions on a more comfortable or usable sling for either would be appreciated. I am not totally ignorant on utilizing a sling, I would just like some people to say what they would use on each of these weapons and a short explanation on why they would make that choice.

Next comes optics for the top two.

07-29-2009, 06:00
Perhaps I posted this at a bad time since it only got 6 views. I needed a catchier title lol.

Steve in Az
07-29-2009, 15:11
I have the Specter CQB 3-point slings on both my Remington 870 and my CAR-15. I use the GG&G front sight tower mount on the AR. The 870's front mount came with the scattergun tech (Wilson Combat) extension tube. I like them alot. Push of 2 buttons and my sling is off for range work, no readjusting needed.

07-31-2009, 11:52
Thanks for the response, I will look into what kind of mounts I will need to use one.

04-13-2010, 18:41
Almost a year later and I am finally getting read to put slings on all of these rifles, plus a Remington 870 Talo edition. Any new opinions.