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08-04-2009, 13:42
I found this on's WI forum.

It's for all women (don't let the title fool you), but she (the creator of the site) is proud of her Jewish heritage and included it as part of the site.

Jewish Women Supporting Gun Ownership

Here's her post from the other forum:

Hi folks,

It's me again, the FORMER Second Amendment Sisters WI state coordinator.

I left SAS because they were attempting to stifle my freedom of speech. You could say we had a "failure to communicate."

I have since gone out on my own and now have my own organization. Jewish Women Supporting Gun Ownership was officially launched yesterday. The url is (

We are a small group of women, Jew and Gentile, who support the Second Amendment and want to examine the political theater relative to guns. We hope to grow and since we are NOT tax exempt we can SPEAK!

Check out the site. We have only just begun to fight! Donate if you wish-- nothing is required.

Candy Dainty, Founder of (

With this, I represent only myself and those who are willing to stand with me.