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08-05-2009, 22:13
I was thinking of putting up my Sig 556P SBR on sale (ammo prices, desire for a custom 1911, really deserves a home where it would get more use) or trade.

I tried doing some "google-ing" but I didn't quite understand what was needed in order to transfer / sell w/ in the state of GA. or if I was to sell or trade out of state.

ie. do I need to use a Class 3 dealer? does the potential buyer or tradee need to apply for a form 4 or purchase 1? 2? 3? tax stamps?

thanks for any info and help

Deployment Solu
08-06-2009, 04:24
I believe you DO need a Class 3 dealer, the purchaser, if in state, must apply for and pay the $200.00 tax stamp. If out of state the same applies, but there is an additional transfer to another state $200.00.

In state buyer $200.00, out of state buyer $400.00