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08-15-2009, 11:01

From Mas Ayoob's blog:

Two cops arrived to find a pool of blood in the house. They quickly followed the blood trail to discover a stabbing in progress. Officer Steve Mendez took the blade-wielder at gunpoint and ordered him to drop the weapon. Instead, the young matricide-seeker sneered at the officer and raised the weapon in a classic position for a final, potentially fatal downward stab.

The officer responded exactly as trained, and the attacker fell mortally wounded, hit by two .40 caliber service pistol bullets.

The mother, whose life was saved by those two police bullets, now says that the police didn’t order him to drop the weapon until after he was killed. (!?!?!?) Moreover, critics of the police said the poor boy only had a “butter knife.”

Thankfully, the Maitland Police Department has a stand-up chief. Police Chief Doug Ball called a press conference and showed reporters the evidence. That included the cutlery in question. He explained that far from a butter knife, one of the two weapons the murderous son attacked his mother with – the one he was stabbing her with when Officer Mendez first saw him – was a thirteen-inch barbecue fork. The Orlando Sentinel newspaper reported, “The knife, reported earlier to be a butter knife, was a 9-inch serrated dinner knife with a point. The fork had been used with such force, its tines had been bent 90 degrees.”

the later:

Attorney Sam Mitchell took critics to task with a letter to the Sentinel. Thanks for giving those folks a reality check, Sam.

To the Orlando Sentinel

You owe the involved police officer and the public an apology. Headline: “MAN WITH BBQ FORK KILLED BY POLICE.” You then reported that “a man was stabbing his mother with a butter knife,” and went on to slant the article by quoting a friend of the crazed attempted murder as saying, “they got beanbag guns right? ” . . . “But no, he’s got to shoot him.” After savaging the responding officer in this manner, you later mention in a different article that the knife was a 9 inch serrated knife with a point and that before the violent attack was ended by the officers appropriate action, the attack had already caused the victim to have “suffered multiple stab wounds to her torso, arms, and hands” and it is confirmed that in fact she was “critically injured.”. I can tell you that the law is clear when dealing with this circumstance. The responding officer was presented with a crazed and admittedly psychotic person who is stabbing a prone victim with a knife and the officer’s sworn duty and training tells him one thing - the use of deadly force is the only appropriate action. Less than lethal methods are not adequate and always uncertain and are legally and morally unjustifiable given these facts. As to your reporting concerning what and when the office may have shouted instructions; it is also true that the officer has NO duty to first say drop the weapon and in fact, pursuant to appropriate policies that govern the use of deadly force, the officer must act immediately to stop the other person’s ongoing use of deadly force against this victim. Whether or not he said drop the weapon before are after shooting - or not at all - is of no consequence in judging this matter. I must also note that the fact that the victim is unable to objectively add anything of value to this discourse is also of no consequence. Your faulty and slanted reporting is unjustifiable and ev en to say, “I’m sorry for the mistake,” which you did not do, is inadequate. You also have a duty. The officer fulfilled his. You did not.

Read the full post at the link at the beginning. I used to only subscribe on Sundays for the funny pages, but lately I don't even give them that much of my money.

08-15-2009, 12:16
Yep...media can spin any story any way they wish.

I firmly believe it was the media who spun Obama's and McCain's stories enough that they got Obama the presidency.