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08-15-2009, 19:10
I placed an order for a sling and some other things last week. The site said all items were in stock and I called Thursday and asked when the order would ship? The guy who answered the phone said it should go out today (last Thursday) or Friday. As of Friday there was no tracking number and I'm getting a little nervous. Did I get ripped off?

Brian Brazier
08-15-2009, 20:16
Shipping was a little slow on one order, other than that I have had no problems. I ordered a single point sling and used it on my paintball gun

08-18-2009, 14:39
Well, I've called twice now about my order which placed 6 days ago. The second time I called he told me he was waiting on the vertical foregrip which the website showed was in stock. He suggested I cancel the foregrip and ship the rest of the order. He also threw in upgraded shipping since the order has been delayed. I said great, please ship it asap. That was 24hrs ago, still no tracking number and no answer when I call. Caveat emptor I guess :steamed:

08-18-2009, 19:54
Well, I just got the tracking number. Looks like it shipped.

02-11-2010, 15:45
I ordered 3 steel DPMS .308 mags from them Jan 09. Every other site was backordered but Desert Tactical was one of the only places taking backorders so I ordered from them. They charged my credit big deal since it was 119.97 and at least I wouldn't get charged at a random time when they came in. So about November I called them and they actually answer and I tell the guy that pmags are coming soon and I'd like to cancel my order. He told me that they would be getting those pmags soon. I figured since they have already charged my credit card whats a few more months of waiting. A week ago MidwayUSA had pmags in stock so I ordered them and have already recieved them. I've called Desert Tactical more than 20 times and all I get is a "full inbox". I've emailed them with no response. Everyone stay away from Desert Tactical! Out of all the companies on the web I have used this is the only one in the firearms community to screw me over.

Reb 56
02-11-2010, 23:26
MidwayUSA is great on fast shipping ordered a Scope from them on 2/9 got it on 2/10.
Great service.