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08-27-2009, 12:09
You recall they took all of the antihistamine that worked (pseudoephedrine) off the shelves recently to prevent meth labs from getting it.

Well, we prove again that when something is outlawed, only outlaws have the something:

Mississippi sees spike in drug arrests
Posted: Aug 06, 2009 5:22 PM CDT

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - An increase in methamphetamine labs and prescription drug abuse caused drug arrests to increase sharply in Mississippi during the fiscal year that ended June 30, the head of the state Bureau of Narcotics said.

MBN director Marshall Fisher said there were 2,944 arrests in Mississippi this past fiscal year, 524 more than in the previous fiscal year. And Fisher said investigators have found 223 meth labs in the state so far this calendar year, a 50 percent increase from the same period in 2008. Fisher said 104 people in Mississippi have died from overdoses in 2009.

State lawmakers tried to curb meth labs by passing legislation a few years ago that restricted the purchase of over-the-counter medication used to make the drug. Fisher said meth makers are now buying the medication at different stores and "making smaller batches."

The Methamphetamine Reduction Act of 2005, also known as the precursor law, put restrictions on products containing pseudoephedrine and ephedrine - ingredients used to make meth. Retailers removed medications with those ingredients from their shelves and put them behind counters. Customers must present photo identification to buy the products.

They cannot buy more than two packages or six grams of products that contain those ingredients at one time or buy more than nine grams of any mixture containing the drugs in a 30-day period, unless there is a valid prescription. But there is no central database, meaning meth makers can go to several stores to buy the drugs.

"The bad guys have adapted. They adapt very well," Fisher said.


Since it didn't work, can we please have our pseudoephedrine back?

08-28-2009, 09:33
This doesn't mean it isn't working. One thing the article doesn't point out was the vast number of shoplifting cases involving the meds. When they are out on the shelves, people were stealing dozens of packages at a time.

While the law isn't a fix-all (which none ever are), it does make it more difficult for cooks.

08-31-2009, 05:06
Yeah, but it is like taking our NFA guns because some misused them.

They can control some other key ingredient and let us have our medicine.

Or, just execute the MF's who get caught making it for all I care.

We will never know how much meth would be made without the restrictions on pseudoephedrine, but the numbers are going up anyway; so it's not doing what it was supposed to do.

Reminds me of the old hippy joke:

Hippy 1: "Wha'cha doing carrying that big stick, man?"

Hippy 2: "To keep the pink elephants away."

Hippy 1: "I don't see any pink elephants."

Hippy 2: "Yeah, it's working."

When pseudoephedrine is outlawed, only outlaws will have pseudoephedrine.