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08-30-2009, 20:54
Just wanted to say Hi to everybody in Glock Talk. I have always been a Springfield guy (own a XD9) but need a lighter carry piece and the G26 looks great. Im going to give it a try(and buying from a fellow glocktalk member). Good Bless. Oh and by the way fellow Tarheel here

Rick O'Shay
09-06-2009, 19:38
Hello back at you. I'm a sand lapper, but was born in NC and have plenty of family still there.

I do highly recommend the G26. I also recommend the 19, 23, 27, and 36. They all fit my hand nicely, and I think of Glocks as the Toyota Camry of hand guns. Rugged, reliable, accurate, and easy to handle.

Let us know how the 26 works our for you. And welcome aboard GT.