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09-02-2009, 20:20
- How much are 5.56 ammos for your beloved M4 rifles nowadays?
- What are the available brands in the market and how much are they now? -Any favorite gunstores you do business with?
- What stores do reloads?


09-07-2009, 22:39
For Armscor 5.56mm, about P23 per round for Armscor members, have to check this.

I used to get Armscor .223 at P24 per round from APL Trading in Cebu. A little less powerful than 5.56 but cycles just fine. Also got a box and some loose rounds of Remington .223 at about P30 each from the same store. True Weight used to offer South African 00 vintage 5.56, Berdan-primed so non-reloadable.

It is best to get the ammo from legit stores, if it blows up your pride and joy it's lawyer time.:supergrin:

Just remember that 5.56 and .223 are not the same, if your barrel is milspec, that is, 5.56 chambered, it will cycle .223, but if it has a .223 chamber, 5.56 will not extract, at the very least.

I have no idea which stores do reloads, have to check as well.