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09-09-2009, 23:40
at outrageous price that is par for the GB course...

Look pretty great.


09-10-2009, 20:30
That will die a miserable, sad, lonely, bidless death on GB... :upeyes:

At least the ad is right. About 20 produced. It leaves out that there were three levels of coverage/inlay, and that this one is one of the higher-grades. Shoulda been included in the ad, but still wouldn't get a $15k opening bid! :wow:

IIRC, Glock was trying to establish a cost tier of about $1250 for the lowest level engraving, $2500 for the medium (which had some light amounts of gold inlay), and $5000 for fancy (lots of engraving and gold inlay). This one looks like a fancy, which means the minimum bid they've put on it is three times the value Glock couldn't hawk them at... :whistling:

09-11-2009, 19:14
BiThis auction has ended but the item has been relisted.
Click here to view the new listing: Item # 139917399 >>> ( Bidding has ended for this auction dding has ended for this auction he needs to just put them in his safe !!! he will never sell them for that price ...

11-21-2009, 22:53
Ah, what the heck! I'll offer him $3500 for one... :wavey: