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09-21-2009, 18:58
Is there a range in the greater Manchester area where I can shoot .223? Manchester Firing Line makes you shoot very expensive frag rounds if you want to shoot .223 or anything similar.


09-29-2009, 15:51
Pelham Fish and Game is my choice. Nashua Fish and Game might also be a good choice.

Tommy Gun
10-12-2009, 22:55
I know of no other "range" to shoot at where a person can go to and shoot for a fee. "Clubs" are the only other "range type" places to shoot. Londonderry has a sportsman's club not too far from the Manchester Airport and the Pointers Fish and Game in Bedford both offer an outdoor shooting range facility. You have to be a member or the guest of a member to get in. There are still places you can go and shoot informally but other then that I know of no other.