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09-23-2009, 16:05
The VCDL protest against the 7th District Republican Party holding
their "Roundup" event every year at the anti-gun SnagAJob/Innsbrook
Pavilion is now officially called the VCDL Freedom Rally.

The GOP 7th District has strung us along every year and then
ultimately ignored our complaints about gun owners being barred and
even evicted from their selected location. It is past time that they
understand that our rights are not negotiable.

Major components of the protest are now locked down and in place.

The event will be from 2 PM to 7 PM, Saturday, October 17th, followed
by the opportunity to purchase dinner and enjoy a rally with keynote

Trust me when I tell you that this is a MUST attend event that is not
only going to be fun and is going to get a lot of attention, but it
will have strong implications for the General Assembly session this

Here is what we have already arranged with the Innsbrook Shoppes mall
(yes - this a freedom-friendly mall located at the intersection of Cox
and Broad in Henrico County near Richmond):

1. VCDL has a large staging/event area, with wonderful backup
facilities in case in case of bad weather. Our backup facility can
hold 500 people by itself.

2. We are going to have guest speakers, including talk show
personality Doc Thompson of WRVA here in Richmond. If you attended
the 912 Project rally in DC, you got to hear the powerful and moving
talk that Doc gave the crowd. We will be announcing the names of even
more exciting speakers as we confirm them.

3. We are going to have a large number of professionally prepared
signs, which will be carried by members on private property at one of
the busiest intersections in Richmond. We will also be carrying signs
on public property near the Republican Roundup.

4. The restaurants at the staging/event area are specifically
welcoming VCDL members to their restaurants at the end of the rally!
We will have a list of participating restaurants later, but these are
absolutely excellent restaurants. What a message THIS ARRANGEMENT is
going to send to the General Assembly next year when they consider our
Restaurant Ban Repeal! I can't wait until Senator Saslaw tries to
tell the General Assembly this time that restaurants don't want gun
owners as patrons! ;-)

5. Parking will NOT be an issue - we have this base covered nicely.

6. We have begun coordination with the Henrico Police Chief Stanley
and with Sheriff Wade's office.

The location of the staging/after event area is at one of the busiest
intersections in Richmond and we have permission to DOMINATE that area!

In January we got 600 people to come to Lobby Day. Let's shatter than
number and absolutely pack this event in preparation for Lobby Day 2010!

Please note: this is a peaceful protest - we will not be blocking
anybody's access to the Republican Roundup, either by foot or by
vehicle. The people attending the Roundup are really our friends and
probably have no idea that the Republican leadership has been keeping
gun owners out of this event for years by picking an anti-gun
location. Our job is to educate Roundup attendees and the general
public about Eric Cantor and the 7th District Republican Party not
standing on principle, and we will - in spades.

I would like to get a rough head count for further planning purposes.
If you are planning on coming, please send an email to:

Make the subject line "YES" with a dash and the number of attendees,
like this: "YES - 4"

We will NOT read the body of the email itself, but will simply count
attendance by looking at the subject line.

**Please respond ONLY if you are ABLE to attend.**

More info:

09-24-2009, 17:18
An event of this importance and magnitude and no replies?

Tweek's Turbos
09-25-2009, 14:42
Sorry, I will be passing thru NY (so I can have my 30 with me) into New England and back that weekend.

10-03-2009, 12:49