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Jim S.
09-28-2009, 18:59
I enjoy many areas of this forum, including the Women's Issues. I like to talk about a lot of things and especially guns and gun related info. I responded a few times on threads here and didn't consider that perhaps women really just want to talk to women on this forum. If you wanted to talk to men you would go to the other forums and chat.
I apologize if I upset anyone by this and I will be more careful in the future before adding my two cents.
I think it is good that women get involved with self defense and I unfortunately do not know any women who like guns or even approve of them.
That is why I kind of jumped in without thinking it was not my place to do so.
If you would come to the other forums more often than I might not come here as much. What do you think?

09-28-2009, 22:03
I'm willling to give you my take on this:

When I venture into the other forums, (usually general firearms), it seems that after a few posts I frequently run into gay bashing. Fag, Gay Bug, and Les (or worse) seem to be very acceptable terms on GT. Glock Talk is loosely moderated. Women have managed to offer alot of gun or gun related advice here the last few days. All posts have been respectful and substantive. Basically just plain nice. Guys play alot of grab *ss. (13 year old boys in the locker room)

The first time I posted on GF I was looking for my first 1911. The thread went for pages. There were so many guys suggesting something other than a 45 and other than a 1911, that the two or three who actually "heard" me were actually
yelling at each other SHE WANTS A 1911!! (btw they are addicting I have four now.)(and that led to Hi Powers, up to three Belgiums,and one Argentine)

There is alot of good info on GT. Bac for one has been very helpful.

I guess my point being, when I venture to the other side,
I prefer "THR".

Simply read the posts here the last few days, Mrs. C, drpdw, Patrice, Lone Wolfe,
FF Wife,Wrencher, heck...I can't find my socks.


Jim S.
09-29-2009, 15:02
I get tired of that crap too. I usually try to avoid it, and when it gets to that point I will stop being a part of that thread and move on.

09-29-2009, 15:43
This is a Women's Issues forum NOT a Women's Only forum. ALL posts should be welcome, albeit, any hint of sexist patronizing is not appropriate nor welcome. That's what the women are saying here. I've ventured to other fora and posted some thoughts and didn't feel any negative after- effects! I work in a heavily male-dominated arena, so can usually hold my own, plus, I had an older brother who taught me how to do a lot of things, most recently, shoot!

BTW, most Tuesday mornings, I shoot with a bunch of guys who treat me like a person, NOT a fragile, mentally-challenged, smaller version of them....and, Tuesdays at my range, are free to all women, all day long! My lane mates always want me to try out their HGs and I never say NO! Today, for example, I tired out a 45 revolver, a Springfield Armory XD 9mm, and almost shot a 357 magnum again (last week I shot it with both a 357 and a 38 load...big difference in the recoil). We always have an excellent session, talk guns, gun care, and most importantly for me, gun etiquette and personal defense. Needless to say, I have picked up a few good tips AND shared some with them!

Captain Kirk, no need to have Scotty (was that his name?) beam you up! Just follow the accepted and proper protocol in this forum... and on others.


Jim S.
09-29-2009, 17:36
Thank you, I will.

09-29-2009, 18:34
Thank you, I will.

good, 'cause while i don't guarantee i'll agree with you all the time, i like having you here...

it's been said, but it's true for me, too - one of the reasons i like this forum is that it tends to stay polite long after "x" thread in another place would've gotten locked... i know I can have an opinion here that everyone may not agree with but it won't reduce the thread to a flame war. (Not that I don't occasionally enjoy reading the guys being guys - i just like having someplace to go to get away from it now and then :cool:)


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