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10-01-2009, 20:16
So I'm sitting up in the stand this morning hoping and praying to get a shot at a deer (opening week of archery). Its at about 0800 I'm half daydreaming when I hear what I know has to be a deer approaching. I look up to see a very nice 8tine+ (I'm thinking actually at least 10) with think main beams come trotting up. Instead of headind down the trail infront of me to the feeder it keeps going straight to my left. I decided that its not stopping so I get my hurry up on and get almost to full draw before it turned down another trail and was gone. It was litterly only a few seconds from the time I first saw it and it gone. It never snorted, blew, whiteflagged me or anything. It didn't even act like I was there. I mentioned it to a buddy of mine and he's experiecing the same thing. Bucks coming by the feeders but not stopping (cruising for does). Unfortunately I didn't have my bleat can with me and my grunt tube didn't turn him around. He was only about 35yd away. I think this deer may have made the FL Buck Registery or atleast come close too :crying:

10-02-2009, 14:38
At least you didn't wound him, he's still out there, go get him.

10-02-2009, 20:48
I hunted that stand tonight and saw nothing, and the property owner said that his nephew is going to hunt it tomorrow since he's still trying to get his first deer. I could hunt another stand that would give me first dibs on some deer since they normally come from that direction, but I don't think that'd be right, so I'll be hunting the complete oppisite end of the property

10-02-2009, 22:38
The rut could already be on for you area. For florida it can start as early ast june and last as late as march. In fact does can be breed year round down here.

If seeing a buck and that made you sick, than I would be dead ;) I seen more deer the 2 times I drove up to Okeechobee and that was on the hwy at night than during the hunting hours, where I seen zero game outside of turkeys.

This weekend is going tobe very bad due to the full moon, so I'm skipping out on this weekend.

10-05-2009, 21:15
I'm sick from not getting a chance to put it in the freezer and on the wall. So far while in the woods I've seen a fox and two coons, and of course treerats. The fox came by one morning while I was still setting up, and I only saw what it was because I still had my headlamp on. The coons were on different days and both were just as the sun was coming up just enough to see the shape