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Young Once
10-16-2009, 18:46
Does anyone use a Pmag sling attachment plate? How is it for you? DO you find it OK? Intend to install one on my AR. TIA for your inputs.

10-16-2009, 18:58
i guess what you mean is the magpul ASAP plate attachment..

for me, kinda clunky..i prefer the quick detach sling swivel type

Young Once
10-16-2009, 19:04
So sorry Foxyyy for the error. What I meant was the pro-mag. Saw a bunch of them on sale in Aquila. Its kinda thinner than the standard rear plate, but has two "ears" for left and right handed options in attaching the sling. Sorry again.

10-16-2009, 20:33
some sling attachments:

Young Once
10-16-2009, 20:48
The one I'm referring to is the one on the topmost picture. Is that OK? I think its the cheapest one I can find.

10-16-2009, 22:32

I use a similar one (for right handed only), by Gear Sector. You can use it to mount a single or two point single.

Young Once
10-17-2009, 18:00
Thanks for showing your set up, Akula. I think I'll go with that one.