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10-19-2009, 20:28
hey looking for a good gun store to take my business to, the one iv been doing business with overprices everything to almost 2x the amount no joke...and they show no love with the prices either....any suggestions

10-19-2009, 21:56
I've dealt with Go Time Gear for over a year now. He's an online retailer (here in LV) but now has a store front in NLV. The store is listed under New Frontier Armory (see link) since there are three owners. They have some ammo available (M855 for $480 for 1k rds and some Federal LE133) available. They also have a CMMG M4LE for $775 in stock. The store is just opening but they carry over 400K products. Not all in stock but can be ordered. Right now, they have a full line of Magpul products, AMK first aid kits and much more. They are still in the process of being completely open so the hours are currently Mon, Wed, Fri 4pm-7pm and Sat & Sun from 10am-5pm. They also offer .mil, LEO, Fire and EMS discounts. Pm me if you need more info.

10-22-2009, 18:53
The folks at Frontier Armory are just getting their store off the ground, so there are a few things they don't have yet, but they are the first place I check.
That should be a real good store once they are fully established.

If I need it and Frontier doesn't have it, I go to Discount Firearms on Highland.

10-24-2009, 20:51

+1 Great group to work with! :perfect10:

11-06-2009, 00:22
I've been impressed with the service I've gotten so far from NFA and GTG. All 3 guys are good to work with. Not a lot of stock yet but it can only get better from here.

11-10-2009, 17:38
Have you been to the Black Rifle since it moved?Where is it now?John

11-10-2009, 18:13


11-23-2009, 22:12
The Ace Hardware in Overton (about 50 mi. north on 15) has some good deals. Mostly I have found everything in Vegas is overpriced and I get a lot of stuff in Reno.
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