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11-03-2009, 21:30
My girlfriend finally expressed some interest into getting her CCW license. She has no immediate plans to carry, but she wants to already have her license in the event that she decides to carry. Nothing worse than having a traumatizing event that gives personal justification for carrying, then having to wait six months to get your license. So, she's signed up for a class this Sunday. I'm already looking around for a good carry weapon for her, but really it's up to her if/when she decides to carry, and what she prefers to carry. Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'm pretty excited about it, nonetheless.

11-03-2009, 21:45
badass! Its one step closer!

11-04-2009, 06:58
fsqridah (http://glocktalk.com/forums/member.php?u=106099), that's my problem right now. I look the class & submitted the paperwork the first week of September. Louisiana is really processing a lot of applications right now. The estimate if 3-4 months!! I've got quite a wait. Maybe I'll get it for a Christmas present. Or later than that.

11-04-2009, 12:05
I took my class on 12/5/2007. The certificate showed up around 1/10/2008 (even though it's only supposed to take two weeks). Took it in to the courthouse and had my picture/prints taken, and a few months later I was getting impatient. Called the Kentucky State Police CCDW division and asked about my paperwork. They said they'd already sent it, but would send another copy. A week later, nothing, so I called. The same thing happened for over a month. When I finally got my paperwork, it was almost July. I took it in and the issue date on my license was April. That card had been sitting in the courthouse for two months while the KSP dicked around and did not get the paperwork to me. I was pretty pissed, but pretty much everyone else in KY had the problem, so I held my tongue.