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11-04-2009, 15:47
I'm not sure where to post this - I'm hoping some fellow gun owners can help me deal with this.

Here is what happened: Last Wednesday, some jerk decided he wanted to take my stuff while I was at work. He forced the screen off one of the bedroom windows of my apartment and then forced the window open. He entered my apartment and stole my television, laptop, and five pistols. Immediately upon returning home, I called the police to report the burglary and gave them an inventory of the stolen items. I did not have all the serial numbers available, but the officer gave me his card and told me to leave him a voicemail with the serial numbers. We simply couldn't locate them in the tossed-up wreck of what used to be our home.

We drove to the gun shops and were in a serious car accident on the way home. Nevertheless, I called the number. I left a voicemail with the serial numbers, specifying the make, model, and caliber of each gun and its serial number. I also requested that they give me a call to confirm they got the information.

I have heard nothing back from this officer. I placed follow up calls Friday evening and yesterday evening and my boyfriend contacted him with additional information about the burglary on Saturday. He has never contacted us again. To make matters worse, my leasing office told me they (the cops) caught the guy (???) and it won't be a problem again.

I understand that burglaries are difficult to solve - I'm not expecting them to find my guns overnight or at all - but I did rather expect some sort of confirmation that they got the serial numbers, which is important to me for so many reasons. My question is - is there an expedient way to insuring that my serial numbers are now on record as stolen firearms?

Thank you for your help and advice.

11-05-2009, 18:45
What agency was this with?