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11-05-2009, 10:17
I've got a chance to trade into a S&W 296. I'm not crazy about trying to find .44 special ammo, but I like the idea of the gun as a primary carry gun. I've heard that the recoil is sharp, and I know the bullet weight it limited to 200 grains or less, which is fine by me.

I had a 625-10 and thought it was more painful to shoot than I'd like in a carry gun. I shoot IDPA occasionally with my carry guns and I never found the load/grip combo that would let me do that with the 625-10. Will the 296 be any different? One thing is the 296 is about half the price (@$450 vs $1,000) of the 625-10.

I'd like to hear from some of the .44 special guys out there. IMHO, this is a viable option to the Charter Arms Bulldog. I've wanted one for a while, but just couldn't get over the fit and finish on the CA.

What say you?



11-05-2009, 20:30
I say enjoy the crap out of it, use jacketed ammo and it shouldn't be too bad.
Corbon and Buffalo Bore both load some really capable .44sp loads.
I have the 242, the 7 shot .38sp sibling to the 296, I love it.

07-01-2010, 02:35
Its a good deal. You'de be getting a smith for not much more than than a CA. If you pass on it ask him to message me with pics and I'll take it and pay shipping.

07-01-2010, 08:47
I'm pretty sure that he doesn't have this one anymore, as it was over a year ago.



07-01-2010, 16:45
i don't have the 296 but u got a good price on it i have the 242 7 shot 38 special like it

07-02-2010, 07:05
I decided to pass on it. Price and availability of ammo was the big deciding factor, since I don't reload. Might reconsider if I ever came across another one at a decent price. Still hoping to find an affordable 2" unported Taurus 455 (.45acp) one day.